Who We Are

Travel deal site Hotwire.com allows visitors to book hotel reservations by providing information on hotel location and amenities, without revealing the name of the hotel. But often, you’ll want to know exactly where you’ll be staying before making the decision to book. That’s where we come in. When you’ve found a great deal on Hotwire but want to know which hotel it’s for, Hotwire Revealed uses data on hotel location, star rating, and amenities gathered from you – our users – to reveal the hotel’s name and allow you to book your reservation.

How It Works

On our homepage, simply tell us where you’re going, your travel dates, and how many rooms you need. We take care of the rest. Our results page will list all of the current Hotwire.com deals that match your criteria. Use the filters and sort functions to refine your results by star rating, price, neighborhood, and amenities. Once you’ve found a hotel description you like, click the Reveal button to see which hotels it’s likely to be. The higher the match percentage of a particular hotel, the better the match between that hotel and the description you’ve selected. Just click Book to make a reservation. It’s that easy!

Share Your Reveal

Hotwire Revealed is nothing without its users. In fact, we rely on you to keep our databases up-to-date. After booking a hotel, click Share Your Reveal to add it to our database. This way, other users will be able to identify the same hotel and get a great deal just like you.